National Identification (NID) project

NID causing anxiety, inconvenience: Juffa

Northern Governor Gary Juffa raised the matter in Parliament today, asking the Prime Minister if the project will be completed by 2022.

The NID project was launched in 2014 with the aim of assisting with the elections. Described by Northern Governor Juffa as “a very expensive project” that cost K230 million, Parliament was once again made aware of the stagnant state of the project.

Senior NID officer clarifies ‘glitch’ in system

Noel Mobiha made a statement following a system shutdown at the National Identification office last Wednesday, attributing it to an overload of the system as well as the power blackouts.

The staff (name withheld due to safety concerns), instead believes the shutdown was a result of the Civil Registration System’s failure to communicate with the Card Management System (CMS) due to ‘tampering’.

NID project will continue: Maru

The Minister for National Planning, Richard Maru, was responding to calls made by the Chairman of Transparency International, Lawrence Stephens, for the government to cease all funding to the NID rollout project, until such a time that the management of the project provides full acquittals of the K230 million that has been expanded on the project since its inception in 2015.