Mixed men’s netball

Mixed men’s netball seek management team members

Prior to the trials for the Mixed Men’s Netball national selection for the national team to participate in championships Queensland, the association is seeking interesting people to accompany the team which includes coaching staff, Team Managers, Player Support, Team Liaison, Touring / Fundraising Committee Members and Umpires.

However, the trials for the interested participants will be held at the Rita Flyn outdoor courts this weekend for the selections of the players.

Veupunama crowned premier mixed men’s netball champs

The electrifying atmosphere around the complex set the tone for an enthralling match of intense high class netball.

As both teams took the court, everyone wanted to know, does Kamuna have the ability to deal with the top team in the competition or would the Veupunama 1 be too strong and win their first straight title after a long reign on the premier’s ladder.

Tight opening minutes of the match saw both teams exchange goals as they focused on maintaining possession to keep the scoreboard ticking over before the first quarter.

Mixed men’s ready for preliminary battles

After the semi-finals last Wednesday, the top four teams in each division battled it out with thirds playing the fourths and the first playing the second.

During the playoffs, in social A division, the PNFPs have secured the top spot and are now on stand-by for the grand final after beating BSP 2. The winner of BSP 2 and Vepunama 2 will meet PNFP in the finals today.

For the social B division, Lasi is on stand-by for the finals, awaiting the winner of Aura Netters and Graffiti in tonight’s game.