Meta bans surveillance-for-hire firms for targeting users

A new report by Meta says about 50,000 users will receive warnings about the "malicious activities".

It accused surveillance firms of actions like creating fake accounts, befriending targets and using hacking methods to harvest information.

The company accused the companies of targeting individuals including journalists and human rights activists.

It said in its report that some 1,500 pages had been suspended by Meta across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp following a months-long investigation.

Save The Children Partner With Meta

First launched in February 2021 in Fiji, PNG, Samoa and Tonga, the digital literacy and safety initiative ‘I Am Digital’ aims to deliver targeted and localized information to educate and empower Pacific Island teenagers, youth and parents on how to have safer and positive online experiences.

The pilot phase of the initiative ran for five weeks and reached 7.1 million people in that time with a viewership of 12.65 million times on Facebook alone.

Facebook to shut facial recognition system and delete 1bn ‘faceprints’

Facebook will delete the “faceprints” of more than a billion people after announcing that it is shutting down its facial recognition system due to the “many concerns” about using the technology.