Mark Baker

ANZ responds positively to Sovereign Bond issuance

Mark Baker, Managing Director ANZ PNG said: “This marks an important milestone in the history of local financial markets, setting a strong precedent for future issuances in Papua New Guinea.”

It is an important phase in the evolution of an emerging economy and will go a long way in establishing PNG’s identity in global financial markets.

New ANZ Pacific app launched

ANZ PNG’s chief executive officer, Mark Baker, said: “We are fully committed to continuously improving our products and services and providing a seamless digital experience for our customers and today we are pleased to launch this new app.

“This ANZ Pacific app allows our customers to do their day-to-day banking easily and conveniently in a cost-effective and speedy manner.

“The app also has enhanced security features embedded which allows our customers to do their banking safely and securely.

ANZ installs ATM at Jackson’s airport

ANZ PNG CEO Mark Baker said: “Great news for those traveling domestically, particularly throughout the festive season, as its location inside the terminal provides a safer but also more affordable option when withdrawing cash at the airport. 

“This is a part of our ongoing efforts to make banking simpler and convenient for our retail customers in PNG.”

The new ATM is located on the ground floor directly opposite the security check point inside the Domestic Departure Terminal. 

ANZ adds security feature to internet banking

ANZ PNG CEO Mark Baker says the move is to ensure alignment to ANZ’s global security standards.

The ‘Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)’ feature adds additional layers of security before a customer can access their internet banking account.

“We’re committed to continually improving our products and services to ensure they align with ANZ’s global security standards,” states Baker.

“This security feature will further protect our customers who use internet banking in an environment where cybercrime continues to grow.