Art that bears fruit

Sean Rafferty, aka the Cartonographer, began collecting the artwork on boxes after working in fruit and vegetable shops while studying.

His project Cartonography combines the art from cartons into a diorama, as a "cartongraph", and as interactive art that shows viewers where the produce comes from

It is part of Tastes Like Sunshine, an exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane which explores Queensland's food culture.

"It was a simmering interest that became a project and led to a more formal process of collecting the artwork on the boxes," Mr Rafferty said.

Roaches turned into zombies and other freaky insect facts

On show until October 15, Bug Lab: Little Bugs, Super Powers is a co-production between New Zealand museum Te Papa and special effects company Weta Workshop.

Te Papa entomologist Dr Phil Sirvid said the show was "a celebration of the genius of bugs".

Here's four freaky insect facts from the exhibition.

Dragonflies out-hunt lions

Lions may be kings of the jungle, but they are amateur hunters compared to dragonflies, Dr Sirvid said.

"A lion hunting on its own gets its dinner about one time in five; dragonflies, typically, it's 95 out of 100."

John Travolta donates historic jet to museum

The pair first met in 2009 when they flew a 1955 Super Constellation from Sydney along the coast of NSW.

Mr De La Hunty is the president and founder of the Historic Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) and saved the Constellation from an American aviation graveyard in a labour of love that cost millions of dollars.

"We share a mutual respect for old airplanes and flying and at that stage we were keen to suggest to him that if he ever wanted to part with his Boeing 707 we would be very interested in it," Mr De La Hunty said.