Kandrian-Gloucester MP

Royalties won’t be touched by Govt: Marape

Finance Minister James Marape said the funds are quarantined under law and as such, will not be touched.

He was responding to Kandrian-Gloucester MP, Joseph Lelang, who asked why the Government has also taken money earmarked as royalties.

In particular, royalty held in Trust with the National Forestry Authority to be paid to head clans of integrated land groups and within the timber concession areas under various timber agreements.

Logging firm illegally taxing locals: Minister

It is alleged the company is applying tax to local staff who earn below the income tax threshold.

In 2011, Parliament increased the tax income threshold from K10,000 to K15,000 per annum, giving tax breaks to those who earn less than the threshold.

Kandrian-Gloucester MP, Joseph Lelang, asked the Prime Minister if he was aware of such practice where companies were taxing employees below the tax income threshold.

He said a letter was sent to the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office regarding the issue in his district however, there was no response.

Petition against Lelang alleges bribery

The petition, filed on 14 September by Walter Lunga, alleges two instances of bribery and instances of irregularities and omissions during polling.

Petitioner Lunga claims four ballot boxes had the same hand writing; something they raised objections to during scrutiny.

For bribery, the petitioner is also alleging food exchanges and promises made by Lelang during the election period.

Lunga will be calling 20 witnesses for the trial while Lelang’s lawyer indicated calling 14 witness.