Joseph Lelang

Lelang demands accountability for Public Health

In a statement issued today, Lelang accused the government of losing focus and not running the country’s affairs effectively. He was specific about the health sector.

While acknowledging tha problems like the shortages of drugs was nothing new to the country, he is concerned that this has been a recurring problem with no solutions in sight to address this.

Lelang also noted the recommendations made by the Public Accounts Committee which pointed out clearly that the public health system in PNG was dysfunctional.

Sovereignty must never be sacrificed: Lelang

The Opposition Leader acknowledges that our Constitution anticipates such Defence Co-operation agreements with other countries under Section 206. Furthermore, Parliament has passed an enabling Act to guide how to deal with such agreements.

However, the Opposition Leader has cautioned the Government to be careful not to underestimate the effect of such agreements on our legal system and the potential to compromise our national security interest, Constitution, and sovereignty.

Address financial and accounting issues: Lelang

Mr Lelang said this during the presentation of his Kandrian Gloucester District’s outstanding District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) fund and District Support Grant (DSG), acquittals to the Department of Rural Development and Planning;

The presentation was for the outstanding DSIP and DSG for years 2020 and 2021.

He said the Integrated Finance Management System (IFMS) installed by Government to be used is not serving its purpose attributed to following challenges, and they are;

Lelang calls for emergency relief

Four people are reported dead with many homes destroyed in the magnitude 7 quake.

Mr Lelang said there must always be emergency funds available and the National Disaster and Emergency Services must be fully equipped to deploy at a moment's notice.

“This country sits on the Pacific ring of fire. It is prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. 

“Large rivers and high rain fall result in flooding and land slips which has happened numerous times.

“The government must ensure NDES is able to respond in the shortest time to disasters.

Lelang calls for arrest of culprits in Tari

Lelang said he was disturbed by the social media post, showing a picture of a young girl stripped naked and helplessly at the hands of hooligans up in Tari and made the call to arrest these culprits and dealt with them immediately.

“Normalcy and morality no longer exist in this society. What kind of society are we trying to raise our future generation – why are we waiting this long, we need the police to act and apprehend these culprits,” he said.

Opposition Leader calls for recall of Parliament

In a recent press release, Mr Lelang called for a recall of Parliament to address the issue urgently.

Lelang said, “The fuel shortage is only symptom of another problem. Soon it will be shortages of imported food and other essential inputs for the smooth operation of business and commerce in the country.”

Opposition raises concern on tax liability on Porgera

Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Joseph Lelang, made this comment in response to the National Executive Council (NEC) appointment of a panel of three independent experts to review a tax dispute between the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) and Barrick Niugini Ltd (BNL).

Lelang said if there was a dispute between the IRC and Barrick, there are appropriate forums under the law for dispute resolutions.

This new panel of experts, he said is a waste of resources and time and has no legal standing at all to resolve any dispute.

Lelang calls for electoral reforms

He made this point while acknowledging the National Court's decision to discontinue the election petition filed against his win by losing candidate and former health secretary, Pascoe Kase.

Mr Lelang said: “I can now fully focus on my electoral and national duties without being distracted by this election petition. But the cost of this spurious petition to myself to my electorate and to my duties as the Opposition Leader are immeasurable for which there is no recompense.”

Shadow Treasurer queries public servants’ pay cut

Lelang accused the Government of being unfair by penalising the innocent public servants to cover up for their incompetence in managing the country’s budget and public finances in a sound and sustainable manner.

He is calling on the Government, through the Minister for Public Services Wesley Nukundj, to explain why they are imposing the cuts on the public servants.

Lelang said Papua New Guineans are doing it tough right now and this is again another slap in the face of hard working public servants.

Treasurer is misleading the nation, say Opposition

Shadow Treasurer Joseph Lelang made this comment in response to Ling-Stuckey’s recent press statement that accused former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for digging a ‘very deep economic hole’.

In a recent statement, Minister for Treasury, Ian Ling-Stuckey, said after eight O’Neill years of spending well beyond our income, PNG’s debt has jumped by 248 percent per person to have reached the illegal level of over K33 billion.