International Telecommunication Union

UoT celebrates Girls in ICT

This year, the event fell on April 27th, and was commemorated by the PNG University of Technology’s ICT Services Department.

ICT support officer, Reggie-Anne Banjua, outlined that by celebrating Girls in ICT, more girls and women will be encouraged to take up the traditionally male-dominated field.

Four main speakers joined the event today; they were representatives from the Department of ICT, the National Information and Communications Technology Authority, a PNG ICT Professionals representative and a Master’s student.

Training on Cyber-crime Law set for April

The Cybercrime Bill was passed by Parliament in August 2016 and seeks to control things like spam, hacking, forgery and computer fraud.

PNG National Information Communication and Technology Authority (NICTA) chief executive officer, Charles Punaha said they’re going through ITU on how to address cyber security and cyber-crime.

Punaha said that PNG has a representative from the ITU team who is now based in Jakarta.

He said a team from ITU will start conducting training in April for PNG’s law enforcement officers and the members of the judiciary.

PNG submits proposal on ICT accessibility and services

This is the second Asia Pacific tele-community (APT) event that PNG is hosting after successfully hosting one in 2016.

The proposal addresses ICT issues mainly on accessibility, cyber security and reforms in the ICT sector.

Participants from 34 countries attending the three-day meet this week are currently deliberating on what regional common proposal will be submitted to the World Telecommunications Development Forum (WTDF).