Institute of National Affairs

Budget undermined by unrealistic figures: Barker

That’s according to Institute of National Affairs Director, Paul Barker.

Barker said the 2018 Budget partially consolidates on the 100 Day Plan which, when introduced, sent positive signals.

However, the revenue figures which they presented last week is unlikely.

Speaking at the Deloitte 2018 PNG Budget Debate, Barker said the 100 day plan gave an indication of extra revenue generation, cutting expenditure on wasteful activities, encouraging growth through private sector confidence and addressing foreign exchange issue.

Barker: PNG shouldn’t worry over U.S withdrawal

U.S President Donald Trump recently announced that he was withdrawing the US from the Paris climate accord, which he claimed placed financial burdens on the American people.

Barker explained that other countries in the world have begun negotiating the rulebook for the implementation of the climate deal.

He said the biggest contributors to environmental reforms tend to be some of those developed countries like Norway with small populations and yet, they have been at the forefront.

Downgrading of economy affects ratings

Institute of National Affairs (INA) Director Paul Barker told Loop PNG via email that it’s not the result of any action or inaction on BSP’s part, but it’s really the reflection of the poor economy growth.