Huawei P10

​P10 officially launched today

Huawei Technologies, in collaboration with Digicel PNG, officially launched the latest entry to the ‘P’ series during a breakfast event.

The P10 smartphone is the latest Huawei ‘P’ series model to hit the market, boasting technological improvements rivaling that of other brands.

What gives the P10 an edge over its rival brands is its camera which has been co-engineered with Leica, a German company that manufactures optics and high end cameras.

VIDEO: Unboxing the Huawei P10

The handset’s build materials look and feel ultra-premium, it is obvious that Huawei has taken no short-cuts in this design and make.

The Huawei P10 is a smart-looking handset too. Very sharp. The mobile featured in the video is the Mystic silver color option and it looks the way it feels, smooth, smart and elegant. Overall it’s well-proportioned for one-handed use.

On the other hand, the top protective glass is the fifth generation Corning Gorilla, making it stronger and more resistant to scratches.


Huawei P10 Specifications include:

Huawei P10 review: The ultimate dual-lens smartphone gets better

This year’s P10 improves on its Leica-branded forebear with a flashier design, speedier internals and Android Nougat, but is it worth the upgrade?

So what exactly are you paying for here? The biggest difference lies in the P10’s improved physical appearance, which is uncannily iPhone 7-like in design. Huawei has tossed away that easily-scratched all metal silver back of the P9, in favour of a smooth, matte black rear that’s far easier on the hands (and pocket).


A closer look at the Huawei P10

The successor of the previous generation brings more innovations and exciting features, just like the Huawei P10.

The Huawei P10 offers a similar, if not the same, 1080p IPS-NEO LCD touchscreen display with the Huawei P9, however, the screen size is 0.1-inch smaller.

On the other note, the top protective glass is the fifth generation Corning Gorilla, making it stronger and more resistant to scratches.

Huawei P10 offers mix of old and new

They are very much similar to their predecessors in and out, with both handsets being fabricated from a cocktail of metal and glass and bearing Leica-branded cameras and upgraded internals.
The same machine learning algorithm first introduced on the Huawei Mate 9 also makes its way to the P10. And just as it does on Huawei’s big-screened flagship, the algorithm should improve memory management and increase storage space (by compressing apps you don’t use often) the longer you use the P10.


Huawei PNG Launches P10

The much anticipated addition to the P Series is a combination of beautiful hardware and the latest advances in software.

It was out in the Huawe’s experience store at Vision City since Wednesday this week.

P10 was launched in February in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress and released early March and available for purchase.