APEC Authority CEO calls for honesty

He said it is of paramount importance that service providers must obtain purchase orders before commencing work to ensure they are compliant with financial management processes.

Hawkins made the comments after concerns were raise against the Eastern Highlands Provincial Government by suppliers seeking payment after the recent APEC Regional visits to Goroka.

Hawkins said there were a number of claims that had been sent for review by the provincial authority.

Judge: Public servants must serve with honesty

Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika said money is essential to growth and development and when public servants misuse it, as in the case of Jeffery Yakopya, development is retarded.

“The role of public servants is to implement government decisions to deliver the goods and services to the people of this country and not to go into business themselves and run those businesses,” said Sir Gibbs.

“Any diversion and deviation from these responsibilities has its dire consequences and the court must not shy away from meeting out the consequences with severity.