Palau ship registry expands to Greece

The PISR has announced it is expanding its head office - currently based in Houston, Texas, USA - to Piraeus in Greece.

It said Greece was in the heart of the world shipping community and that the move was necessary to serve the needs of Greek maritime stakeholders in a competitive market.

After launching in late 2012, the PISR has registered hundreds of ships and opened offices in Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai and other Chinese ports.

Despair, confusion in Greece as refugees face closed border

The dozens of people crammed together at the front of the line to the border crossing looked at the closed gate and razor wire in disbelief. One young Syrian muttered he had been in the tent at the crossing for five days without sleeping. It was his 15th day at the Idomeni refugee camp.

One woman broke down, crying and screaming as she held her baby in her arms while a man tried to calm and comfort her. Refugees asked reporters what had happened in Brussels, and asked what they could or should do next.

Syrian migrant killed in Greece walking on train tracks

The 45-year-old man, who was carrying transit documents issued to migrants in Turkey, was hit early Friday near the village of Petrades. The train driver told police he was unable to brake in time.

While most migrants entering Greece from Turkey arrive by boat, some still cross the land border in Thrace, which mostly follows the Evros River. Greece has built a 12-kilometer (7.5-mile) fence along the remaining stretch where there is no natural obstacle.

Greece appoints 1st female prime minister ahead of snap poll

Supreme Court head Vassiliki Thanou, 65, was appointed after radical left Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigned, seeking a stronger mandate to implement tough austerity measures demanded by Greece's creditors in return for a third bailout worth 86 billion euro ($97 billion).

Her main task will be to hold the reins until a new government emerges from the vote expected on Sept. 20.

Greece: Newly formed party receives mandate to form gov't

They are trying to prevent Greece from holding its third national vote this year, although chances of averting the election are virtually nil.

Former Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis, who heads the newly formed Popular Unity, received the maximum three-day mandate from the country's president after the head of the main opposition conservative New Democracy failed to form a government.

About 2,000 migrants rush past police into Macedonia

The tumult started when police decided to allow a small group of migrants with young children to cross the frontier and crowds in the back squeezed them toward the shielded police wall. Many women, at least one pregnant, and children fell to the ground apparently fainting after squeezing past the cordon.

Then, thousands of others used the moment to run across a field not protected by barbed wire to enter Macedonia. Police fired stun grenades, but didn't manage to stop the rush.

China and Greece concerns combine to roil global markets

Investors have been gripped by an increasing sense of unease this week, largely because of the uncertainty related to China. Since early summer, Chinese stocks have taken a battering but global markets haven't responded much — until now.

Following last week's decision by the country's monetary authorities to reduce the value of the yuan, China's currency, stock markets have really taken a hit.

Greece to hold election next month as PM tackles dissent

The officials, who spoke only on condition of anonymity pending an announcement by the prime minister, said the snap polls would be held on Sept. 20.

Tsipras was to make an announcement Thursday night, another government official said, while he was expected to also visit the country's president — a necessary formality in calling early elections, for which he would have to step down as prime minister.

Greece aims to finish bailout talks, get approval this week

The discussions, which started late-July, have by all accounts made progress, though officials from the European Union were less optimistic than their counterparts in Athens about the likelihood of a deal being concluded this week. Germany, for one, has stressed the importance of being thorough in the complicated negotiations.

Greek creditors report progress in talks for new bailout

A European Commission spokeswoman, Mina Andreeva, said the lenders are hoping to finalize the 85-billion euro ($92.5 billion) agreement in time for a major Greek debt repayment in two weeks.

"We believe this is an ambitious yet possible timetable," she said. "Our teams (have been) on the ground (for) almost two weeks, and they report satisfactory progress."