Mozilla announces Project Quantum, a new web engine for Firefox

Now, Mozilla has announced Project Quantum, a new web engine for Firefox that promises to deliver a "fast and smooth" experience on desktop and mobile.

Project Mortar: Mozilla bringing Chrome’s built-in plugins to Firefox

Recently, Mozilla started rolling out multi-process in its Firefox browser and Opera brought the built-in VPN.

Now, Mozilla has announced Project Mortar to bring Chrome’s built-in plugins to Firefox web browser. By doing so, Mozilla aims to bring some particular plugins, which are absent in its library, to Firefox.

30 browser keyboard shortcuts for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Whether, it is for Windows or shortcuts for social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. Our web browsers also have various inbuilt keyboard shortcuts. But some of these browser keyboard shortcuts are same for different web browsers.

How to swap Facebook reactions for emojis of your choice

Reaction Packs for Chrome and Firefox let users replace the social network's reactive emoji with their own custom symbols.

With the extension installed, users can create their own emoji or replace the Reaction smileys with packs created by others.

There are already some absolute crackers to choose from, including Pokemon and Donald Trump. Nothing says 'I disapprove' quite like the outrageous presidential candidate's snarling face.