30 browser keyboard shortcuts for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Keyboard shortcuts make our lives easier. We have emphasized their importance from time to time.

Whether, it is for Windows or shortcuts for social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. Our web browsers also have various inbuilt keyboard shortcuts. But some of these browser keyboard shortcuts are same for different web browsers.

In this article, we are writing browser keyboard shortcuts which work for the three most used browsers for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and new addition Microsoft Edge.

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts For Chrome, Firefox, And Edge

  1. CTRL + T
    Open a New Tab.
  2. CTRL + W
    Close current tab.
  3. CTRL + SHIFT + T
    Open previously closed tab.
  4. CTRL + TAB
    Switch between open tabs.
  5. CTRL + 1 to 8
    Switch to the tab of the corresponding number from left to right.
  6. CTRL + 1
    Switch to the first tab.
  7. CTRL + 9
    Switch to the last tab.
  8. CTRL + N
    Open new browser window.
  9. ALT + F4
    Close the current browser window. This keyboard shortcut works across Windows.
  10. F11
    Go Fullscreen.
  11. ALT + Home
    Open the home page.
  12. Backspace or ALT + Left Arrow
    Go back.
  13. ALT + Right Arrow
    Go forward.
  14. F5 or CTRL + R
    Reload the current page.
  15. Esc
    Stop the loading of the web page.
  16. CTRL + P
    Print the web page.
  17. CTRL + S
    Save the web page to your computer. Read about downloading a completewebsite for offline use.
  18. CTRL + O
    Open a file stored on your computer. Modern browsers support PDF files. So, you can use this shortcut to open a PDF file, or any other file such as an image, on your web browser.
  19. CTRL + H
    Open browser history.
  20. CTRL + J
    Open downloads history.
  21. CTRL + D
    Add the current web page to the bookmarks.
  22. CTRL + Enter
    adds www and .com to the name of the website typed in the address bar. For example, type fossbytes  in the address bar and press CTRL + Enter. It will autocomplete to www.fossbytes.com
  23. CTRL +
  24. CTRL –
  25. CTRL + 0
    Reset zoom.
  26. Home
    Go to the top of the web page.
  27. End
    Go to the bottom of the web page.
  28. CTRL + F
    Search the web page.
  29. CTRL + L or F6 or ALT + D
    Jump to the address bar. You can also use ALT + Enter to open the web address typed in the address bar in a new tab.
  30. CTRL + SHIFT + Delete
    Open the Clear Browsing Data option.

These are the 30 browser keyboard shortcuts for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge in Windows OS. Once, you become friendly with these, your internet life would be on a buttery track. There is an unending list of such useful browser keyboard shortcuts, the ones mentioned above are the basic.