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KFC 999 'joke' caused Greater Manchester Police to miss emergency call

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said the "joke" call came on 21 February after the fast food chain closed some UK outlets due delivery problems.

The caller said he "had an emergency" and had "to go to Burger King now".

A GMP spokesman said the man put lives at risk by keeping call handlers from answering real emergencies.

He said the call was made at 17:20 GMT and the force had received 74 emergency calls between 17:00 and 18:00 "of which 73 were answered.

Weekly Lifestyle Update: What to do in an emergency situation

Of course your mind is screaming “Emergency” among thousand other jumbled thoughts; but what do you do?

Most often, we panic and do what we think is best and that is, try to get the injured to the hospital as soon and fast as we can.

But St John Ambulance PNG warns that “moving someone who is badly injured can worsen their condition or can delay emergency first aid treatment.”