St John Ambulance PNG

SP Hunters members certified in first aid

Mekenzie YEI, Dilbert ISAAC, Butler MORRIS, Radley BRAWA, Wartovo PUARA Jnr, Enoch MAKI, Charlie SIMON, Brendon GOTUNO, Edene GABBIE, Ila ALU, Baundo ABA, Thompson TETEH and Watson BOAS were the recipients, alongside trainer Joe Bruno.

The SP PNG Hunters are the first sporting team to engage in such a life-saving program, in partnership with the St John’s Ambulance.

As rugby is a contact sport, players are likely to sustain injuries that will require immediate first aid assistance.

St John’s pioneer paramedic program

13 staff from St John Ambulance are the first to undergo this high-quality ambulance paramedic training program.

The program started in July and will run through August, covering two courses: Intensive Care Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technician.

The two courses will be taught simultaneously – ICP course for health extension officers and EMT course for existing ambulance officers.

Training is delivered by New South Wales Ambulance ICP Educators Philip Proust ASM and Jacinta Young.

Weekly Lifestyle Update: What to do in an emergency situation

Of course your mind is screaming “Emergency” among thousand other jumbled thoughts; but what do you do?

Most often, we panic and do what we think is best and that is, try to get the injured to the hospital as soon and fast as we can.

But St John Ambulance PNG warns that “moving someone who is badly injured can worsen their condition or can delay emergency first aid treatment.”