Dr Hewali Hemia

Submissions on Hela regional petition tomorrow

Lawyers for petitioner Dr Hewali Hemiya and sitting MP, Philip Undialu, will return to court on Friday for submissions.

Trial in this petition has been complete.

The trial judge will now hear final submissions from counsels before a ruling can be given.

Meanwhile, the other petition that was filed by Francis Potape also disputing Undialu's election as governor has been remitted to the National Court for trial.

The Supreme Court remitted Potape's petition for trial after a successful review.

Trial is yet to commence for Potape's petition.

Hela leaders call for respect

Petitioners Francis Potape, Dr Hewali Hemia and incumbent MP Philip Undialu had their lawyers address the court today on whether to hear the two petitions separately or together after Undialu’s lawyer asked the court to vary the orders which joined the two petitions for trial.

Potape, who brought in a total of 60 witnesses from Hela, Mt Hagen, Lae and as far as Wewak, is calling for respect and peace among the supporters.

“I don’t want anyone to threaten anyone. No one should threaten any of the witnesses,” Potape said.