Domestic Market Obligation (DMO)

Maru encourages downstream processing

He encouraged KPHL in strengthening partnership and continue with the Member for Kikori and the Governor for Gulf Province do great things for PNG development.

Through this job opportunities can also be increased, he added.

“I really would like with your support and leadership someday to have a downstream processing facility in Papua New Guinea. Right now we haven’t gotten that and reached the point where this country can be industrialized.

LPG gas price to reduce with new project

With discussions for a ‘Domestic Market Obligation (DMO)’ agreement between the Government and developer, Twinza Oil Limited, the cost of fuel sources such as LPG can be significantly reduced.

Twinza managing director, Huw Evans, says the company is committed to the DMO of which the gas resource are injected back into the domestic market.

With the country having an existing refinery at Napanapa, owned by Puma Energy that produces and sells LPG, this could further drop fuel prices.