Cyber laws

How what you do at home on your computer could land you in jail

Edward Majerczyk will spend nine months in jail for what was widely known as the fappening or celebgate.

Edward hacked several celebrities after tricking them into sharing passwords online.

The crime was committed from the comfort of his home in Chicago, Illinois.

His lawyer told the court that he stole the photos for his own "personal satisfaction and enjoyment" despite the pictures appearing on sites such as Reddit and 4Chan.

He is one of many young people who have found themselves behind bars because of what they've done online.


Revenge porn: More than 200 prosecuted under new law

The use of the internet to control and threaten victims was rising, she said.

Domestic abuse and sex offences make up 18.6% of CPS cases, with prosecutions and convictions at record levels.

The CPS's annual Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) report, which also incorporates data on abuse and sex offences against men and boys, has been produced since 2007.