Conservation Environment Protection Authority

Coastal plastic clean-up campaign

Plastic pollution, if not properly addressed, will damage the coastline and marine life that coastal villages depend on as their source of food.

A coastal plastic clean-up campaign was conducted in three Motuan villages along the coastline of Magi Highway.

Coordinated by the Conservation Environment Protection Authority, or CEPA, with the help of student volunteers from the University of PNG Science department, the Coastal Plastic Clean-up Campaign was undertaken simultaneously in these three villages on August 28th.

Sepik Wetlands Management Area faced with challenges

SWMA was formed in 1998 as a community-based organisation (CBO) in Ambunti, East Sepik Province and registered with the Investment Promotion Authority.

It is the only conservation CBO that is involved in the protection of the pristine mighty Sepik River, the wetland resources and population of over 500,000 people living along the Sepik River. 

SWMA officer Jerry Wana revealed at the a consultative workshop on Protected Areas underway this week in Port Moresby that they’re faced with limited funding to undertake some of SWMI’s work.