Digital libraries for Wawin

Deputy principal – administration, Kokomba Moso, said students and staff can now conveniently access information online with the installation of four Pi digital libraries – hand-sized mini-computers – around the campus.

The project was initiated by former Wawin student and Digicel PNG’s Lae-based commercial executive, Daniel Bailey, through the Digicel Foundation’s staff grants program.

Schools win computers

4 lucky Primary Schools in the country are lucky winners of brand new computer sets.

New Erima Primary School in Port Moresby is one of 4 lucky winners under the Colgate Palmolive Back to school redemption promotion.

The promotion saw over 200 schools participate with 96 000 entries.

Schools collected empty packs of any Colgate and Protex products to enter the competition.

Head Teacher of New Erima Primary School Yalo Kipungi expressed delight in been announced the winning school for Southern Region.

Ohio prison inmates 'built computers and hid them in ceiling'

They then hid them in the ceiling of a training room.

Investigators found software, pornography and articles about making drugs and explosives on the machines.

The discovery came after IT staff flagged unusual levels of internet activity on a contractor's account.

The PCs were found in 2015 but the case has only just been made public.

A report on the incident has been published by the Ohio Inspector General's Office and forwarded to the Ohio Ethics Commission and local officials.