Civil Aviation Minister Alfred Manase

AIC has new commissioners, CEO

At today’s press conference, Civil Aviation Minister Alfred Manase said on November 6th, the National Executive Council approved the appointment of Captain Aria Bouraga as a commissioner and deputy chairman of the PNG Accident Investigation Commission board, and Captain Andui Koralyo as a commissioner and member of the board.

He said both are highly experienced pilots.

“Recently we’ve had some difficulty in terms of proper corporate governance in that we did not have a full board managing the affairs of this organisation,” stated Manase.

Minister calls on police to be honest

Minister Manase, who is also the Member for Kandep Open in the Enga Province, made this comment when officiating at the graduation parade for 234 police recruits at the Bomana Police College last Friday.

“It is a huge responsibility you have as policemen and policewomen but you are expected to live up to the expectations of the job. Don’t make any excuses,” Minister Manase said.

“No one forced you to join the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary. You joined on your own free will.