Charles Lee Cup

Kum Blockers secure Charles Lee Cup

The premiers barely managed to secure their spot against the Mul Norths in Sunday’s grand final match at the Rabiamul rugby oval in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province.

The Kum Blockers of Hagen Central defeated the Mul Norths of Mul Baiyer-Lumusa 12-10 in the closely contested Charles Lee Cup competition.

Top teams clash for inaugural Charles Lee Cup

After three days of elimination challenge between 12 Western Highlands teams, it has come down to these final two at the Rabiamul rugby oval in Mt Hagen.

The elimination results of the past three days are as follows;

Thursday 14th Jan 2nd elimination results:

1) 1237 Vikings Pride 26-4 T mile

2) Mul Norths 12-0 Mulgu Scorpions

3) Mul Frost 12-4 Kopon Kuri

4) Newton Brothers 13-6 Kurt Royals

5) LUSD Pythons 14-0 Baiyer Cowboys

Inaugural Charles Lee Cup poised for finals

Tournament director, James Meninga, said the inaugural K50,000 Charles Lee Cup tournament specifically targets unknown teams from the remote areas of Western Highlands.

Announced on 28th October 2020, the four-zone challenge will see 12 teams bring their best to the grand final play offs starting Thursday January 14th to the 17th.

While the top eight teams were given gold pass entries, four unknown rural teams were given mercy passes. Meninga said this is for exposure purposes.