Top teams clash for inaugural Charles Lee Cup

Kum Blockers of Hagen Central and Mul Norths of Mul Baiyer-Lumusa are meeting today for the bragging rights to the inaugural K50,000 Charles Lee Cup.

After three days of elimination challenge between 12 Western Highlands teams, it has come down to these final two at the Rabiamul rugby oval in Mt Hagen.

The elimination results of the past three days are as follows;

Thursday 14th Jan 2nd elimination results:

1) 1237 Vikings Pride 26-4 T mile

2) Mul Norths 12-0 Mulgu Scorpions

3) Mul Frost 12-4 Kopon Kuri

4) Newton Brothers 13-6 Kurt Royals

5) LUSD Pythons 14-0 Baiyer Cowboys

6) Kum Blockers 8-4 Mapo Cowboys

The six winners, including Vikings, Mul Frost, Newton Brothers, LUSD pythons and Kum Blockers advanced to the third elimination the next day.

Friday 15th January 3rd elimination results:

1) 1237 Vikings 12-10 Newton Brothers

2) Mul Norths 18-8 LUSD Pythons

3) Kum Blockers 32-0 Mul Fronts

From the above three winners and according to progressive points tally, Kum Blockers have the higher percentage points leverage thus booking the first grand final berth awaiting the winner of the Mul Norths and 1237 Vikings.

Saturday 16th January major semi final

1) 1237 Vikings 12-19 Mul Norths

Vikings eliminated and Mul Norths advance to meet Kum Blockers at 2pm (today).

The cup winner will be known after 2pm today.

(Pictures by Frankiy Kapin)

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