Top performing insurance agents rewarded

BSP Life PNG is proud to recognise the outstanding effort of its high-performing life insurance agents. The Annual Sales Award recognises and appreciates the Agents for their outstanding sales performance and dedication towards achieving targets during the year.

The agents have displayed a strong commitment to their customers, providing them with exceptional support and service during times of need.

BSP to pay K1.3m in survival benefits

In making this milestone announcement this week, BSP Life PNG Country Manager, Nilson Singh said the payment of the survival benefit is a seamless process where once the customer confirms their current bank account details, the benefit is deposited directly into their bank accounts.

The Survival benefit is also tax free as per the current Income Tax Act.

“We have already commenced the Survival Benefit payment from this month, and we are expected to pay out in excess of K1.3m to 450 individuals from February through to December 2023,” Singh said.

BSP Life PNG Sold Over 900 Insurance Policies

An outstanding performance that was 40 percent above policy count and 27 percent above Annual Premium basis from 2020.

BSP Life PNG Country Manager, Nilson Singh congratulated his team on their overall 2021 performance and thanked the Top Agents at the Annual Sales Awards Night.

“Despite the continued challenges from the pandemic in 2021 and with less than 3 percent insurance penetration in PNG and lack of savings culture, our agents did push through and delivered a better performance than 2020.

Top insurance agents recognised

Top agents Daisy Joke Gabriella, Robert Toiveguwa and Valentine Morububun were awarded accordingly.

“Despite COVID-19 hitting hard in 2020 resulting in lockdowns and affecting businesses, BSP Life PNG met targets, issuing 650 policies with an annual premium of K1.6 million; a result that would not be achievable without our insurance agents,” said BSP Life PNG Country Manager, Nilson Singh.   

Young people urged to get insured

Jacqueline “Jacqui” Joseph, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Equal Playing Field, recently purchased BSP Life PNG’s Wantok Delite product for a period of 15 years. She is now encouraging young people to take responsibility of their own lives by getting insured so when one dies – that insurance caters for death expenses.