Bono: U2's name and songs make me cringe

The band, comprised of Dublin schoolmates, has sold more than 150 million albums over a 40-year career.

But speaking on the Awards Chatter podcast, the 61-year-old said that, aside from 2004 track Vertigo, he finds it hard to listen to their music.

He added that his voice sounds "very strained" on earlier recordings.

"I've been in a car when one of our songs has come on the radio, and I've been the colour of - as we say in Dublin - scarlet," he told The Hollywood Reporter's Scott Feinberg during an hour-long interview.

Bono apologises after One charity hit by bullying allegations

Among the allegations are that one female worker was demoted after refusing to "become intimate" with a foreign government official.

The woman's manager reportedly made "sexist and suggestive comments" about her to the official.

Bono told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: "We are all deeply sorry. I hate bullying, can't stand it."

The newspaper said the charity publicly admitted the issues hours after it had sent a long list of allegations at the end of an investigation, in order to allow One to comment.

Meghan Markle, Lady Gaga urge action on women's right to education

Charlize Theron, Meghan Markle, Blake Lively, Ashley Graham, Tom Brady, Lady Gaga, Bono and many more have signed an open letter demanding world leaders take women's education seriously.

The letter was organized by the ONE organization's Poverty is Sexist campaign.

Bono: Trump 'potentially the worst idea that ever happened to America'

"America is like the best idea the world ever came up with, but Donald Trump is potentially the worst idea that ever happened to America," he told CBS's Charlie Rose. "He could destroy it."

"America is not just a country," Bono continued in the interview that aired Tuesday on "This Morning." "America is an idea and that idea is bound up in justice and equality for all."

The philanthropist and activist, who was in New York for the meeting of the United National General Assembly, called Trump's rise to prominence within the GOP "really dangerous."