Tuke unaware of locals’ ultimatum

Johnson Tuke said he was not aware of it when contacted by Loop PNG.

Yesterday, chairman of the Yulai Landowners Group, George Gusi, announced on social media the ultimatum, which lapses on Nov 20, for the withdrawal of the licence from Asidokona.

When contacted by Loop PNG, he said landowners would shut the mine down if the ultimatum was not met.

Gusi claims Asidokona does not have the capacity to operate the mine.

The chairman previously snubbed the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

Locals threaten to shut mine down

Chairman of the Yulai Landowner Group, George Gusi, announced on his Facebook profile yesterday that a seven-day ultimatum was given, which lapses on Monday, November 20.

Gusi stated that the current operator was not capable of operating the mine and called for its withdrawal and for another operator to invest in the mine.

“I have given 7 days’ ultimatum for the government to withdraw the mining licence from Asidokona Mining Resources Ltd.

“The rationale behind this? Asidokona has no capacity to operate a mine.”

Tolukuma remains problematic

The Mineral Resources Authority states that the issues have stalled return to production under new owners Asidokona.

This is five months after the revised Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed between the State and Asidokona for the re-birth of production.

The signing was snubbed by landowners who are still crying foul over outstanding issues.

During the signing, Asidokona Executive Director, Vincent Siow, boldly stated that Tolukuma would return to full production in July this year.

That, however has not eventuated.