Anthony Mundine

Sonny Bill Williams will 'stay with rugby union' - Anthony Mundine

"I feel he'll stay in rugby," Mundine, a former NRL player turned professional boxer, said.

"As great as rugby league is, rugby is the world game. Lots of countries play it all over Europe and South Africa, it's massive. I went to South Africa to watch him play a [Super Rugby] game and they had fans waiting outside the hotel room. It's a big thing. It's the biggest sport over there. It's crazy."

Green fumes at 'poor sport' Mundine for appealing fight result

Green said he would expect nothing less from his long-time rival, who he edged out in a spiteful encounter in Adelaide.

"He showed disgraceful sportsmanship in the ring and I expect nothing less from someone of his character — his poor character — after the fight," Green told Perth radio station Mix 94.5 on Thursday.

"I expect nothing less from such a poor sport.

"All it is is an appeal, it doesn't mean anything's going to happen,"

Boxing Federation plays down doctor quitting during Green-Mundine bout

Dr Lou Lewis said he was angry the fight continued after Green was concussed by a controversial blow from Mundine in the first round.

Dr Lewis said he quit because his opinion was overruled by the other doctor in the ring, John O'Neill, and referee Frank Garza.

"Dr John O'Neill was the official fight doctor appointed by the promoter," a spokesman for the Australian National Boxing Federation, which sanctioned the bout, said.

No chance I won that easy, says Green after controversial Mundine bout

After 11 years of waiting, just 30 seconds into his rematch against arch rival Anthony Mundine and Green was gone. Concussed.

Green had been caught in the back of the head, while not looking, by a cheap shot from Mundine as referee Frank Garza tried to break the fighters.

Garza wanted to call Friday night's fight off, then and there.

And Green's boxing legacy came down to one single question from the ref: what is the ringside doctor's name?

"I'm looking at him (the ref) going 'ahhh ahhhh ahhhh'," Green said.

"He said: 'That's it. I'm calling it off'.

Green reacts to Mundine's protest against Australian national anthem

Mundine said to reporters on Monday that he is trying to "better Australia" and "educate people" by rejecting the nation's song - to be sung by indigenous performer Jessica Mauboy pre-bout.

But Green says he won't following Choc's lead and is adamant he doesn't have enough "emotional investment" in Mundine to be affected by anything he says.

"I’ll be standing and singing the anthem," Green said.

Mundine still believes he was better than league legends Fittler, Daley

‘The Man’ played 127 NRL games for the Dragons and Brisbane Broncos as well as three Origins for NSW before his shock switch to the fight game in 2000.

Mundine (47-7) has won world title belts and is in the conversation for Australia’s best-ever multi-sport athlete.

But the lack of love he believes rugby league selectors showed him back in the day clearly still eats at the polarising pugilist.

“I talked out from the get go because they’d never given me my props in league,” Mundine told Fox Sports News 500.

Green ready to knock out Channel 7 after false 'terrorist' claims

The 43-year-old exhanged words with 'Choc' at a press conference earlier in the week, and Channel Seven's microphone apparently caught Green calling his enemy a terrorist.

In a frustrated Facebook rant, Green was furious with the station, claiming that he said Mundine was 'terrified'.

''Some very frustrating things were written as a subtitle — there was a huge mistake in their voice recognition,'' he said.

“He was saying some things and I was saying some things — he said all this stuff and I said ‘yeah no worries, you’re scaring me — I’m terrified’.