Green ready to knock out Channel 7 after false 'terrorist' claims

Australian boxer Danny Green is about to enter the ring with rival Anthony Mundine, but before that he has decided to take a hit at Channel Seven after they falsely wrote that he called Mundine a 'terrorist'.

The 43-year-old exhanged words with 'Choc' at a press conference earlier in the week, and Channel Seven's microphone apparently caught Green calling his enemy a terrorist.

In a frustrated Facebook rant, Green was furious with the station, claiming that he said Mundine was 'terrified'.

''Some very frustrating things were written as a subtitle — there was a huge mistake in their voice recognition,'' he said.

“He was saying some things and I was saying some things — he said all this stuff and I said ‘yeah no worries, you’re scaring me — I’m terrified’.

''Unfortunately Channel Seven reported that I said to Choc: ‘you’re a terrorist’.''

Green added that he had been in contact with Channel Seven since the incident.

''It’s something I’m really unhappy about. I contacted the heads of the Seven Network and they immediately took action and rectified it,'' Green said.

''I’m really upset about it. I have a lot of mates in the Muslim community (and) I spoke to a couple of them today and they were very surprised.

''They never thought I’d say something like that — which I completely didn’t, and would never. “I’m not like that, I’ve not been raised that way. My eyes are well and truly wide open to the world.''