Softballers off to Makassar

The Port Moresby Men's Softball Association will be representing PNG at the invitational Makassar Softball Championships which got underway in Indonesia this week.

A squad of 11 players and team officials left the country on Sunday to participate in the annual international Softball championships. The competition will feature high-ranking softball-playing nations like the Philippines, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

The invitational Makassar Softball tournament is the first time for an association; in this case, the Port Moresby Men’s Softball Association is attending. The team is comprised of both representative players and young players who have been consistently competing in the domestic Men’s Softball Association. The PNG (Port Moresby side) is as follows with former PNG representative player Tony Daple as team coach.

  1. Danny Tovia
  2. Liam Mapai
  3. Tony Williams
  4. Mosley Obed
  5. Adrian Chan
  6. Elthony Daple
  7. Demas Tovia
  8. Bobby Bais
  9. Isikel Tovia Jnr
  10. Consiie Bais

Five members of the original squad couldn't make the trip due to passport issues. Before the team’s departure on Sunday, Coach Daple assured the softball fraternity that the team won’t be there just to make up the numbers, but to compete against some of the best in the region.

Coach Dapal said the trip is a first time for the majority of the team, which is good exposure for the youngsters. He said they have enough experience and depth in the squad that can compete at a higher level.

While PNG hasn’t been featured in the international softball arena for some time, Dapal said this is an opportunity presenting itself for PNG to measure up against some of the best in the region such as the Philippines, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

He said the last time PNG competed internally was three years ago when the team toured Canberra but in saying that there’s also another gig coming up in December while contemplating becoming regulars at the invitational Makassar Tournament after this year. On the women’s game, Dapal said this is good for the development of women’s softball as well.

Meanwhile, Coach Dapal said they’ll be playing seven (7) games throughout the tournament and are quietly confident of making it all the way to finals. 

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