Pariwa keen on moving sports

The Madang Provincial Government has given assurance for a budget allocation for sports in the province, starting next year.

Governor for Madang, Ramsey Pariwa when closing the Momase Regional Youth Games, said from next year and onwards, a budget will be set aside for sports in all districts.

This comes as a pathway for change in Madang for youths to embark on.

Pariwa said not only can sports decrease law and order issues, but through sports, SMEs, cultures and tourism is promoted. He encouraged youths to take up sports in each of their districts.

Pariwa also appealed to the PNG Sports Foundation to make their presence known in games that are being hosted in Madang to identify potential raw talents during scouting.

As patron of Madang Soccer Association, Pariwa vowed to back sports in the province.

“Sapos yu play strong, yu play strong, bai yu go play long Moresby. Bai yu play aninit long watchful eyes blo National Soccer League, ol officials, so that ol ken scoutim yu long hap too. Tasol bikpla tingting blong mi, i no blong yumi pilai long Madang na pinis tasol, i no yumi play tasol na pinis long Moresby. ("If play strong, play strong. You'll go down to play in (Port) Moresby. You'll play under the watchful eyes of the National Soccer League, the officials, so that they can scout you from there as well. But the big idea is, is not for us to play in Madang and finish here, is not for us to play and finish off in (Port) Moresby.") 

“Ino yumi pilai Regional Youth tasol na pinis long hia, me laikim wanpla taim bai yumi paitim han long lukim olsem wanpla Pikinini long PNG, Momase or Madang, em i ron long Oceania na go long FIFA ("It's not for us to just play in the Regional Youth (competition) only and finish here, I want there to be a time where we will celebrate when a kid from PNG, Momase or Madang, playing in [the] Oceania [region] and making their way to FIFA.")," Pariwa told the youths.

Pariwa added that there is a bigger vision for empowering sports within the province. He wants to see raw talents progressing into the international spectrum.

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