Minister’s message to athletes, sports officials

Athletes and officials, administrators and other stakeholders and partners of sports need to be cautious and avoid activities that will compromise their safety during the festive period.

The Vice Minister for Sports, National Events & APEC 2018, Wesley Raminai, says: “I would like to send my Christmas and New Year greetings to everybody involved with sports in PNG and the people of Kagua-Erave, who I represent as their elected Member of Parliament.”

Raminai said 2017 has been a very good year for sports in Papua New Guinea.

“I am grateful to the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, who has shown faith in me and the people of Kagua-Erave by delegating the responsibilities of representing the Government this year and I look forward to working closely with the stakeholders and partners in sports for a much bigger year in 2018,” he said.

“Let us celebrate Christmas in the true spirit of what it defines and during the festive period, enjoy ourselves but be mindful that when we move into the New Year, we do not lose focus on what our objectives are as we set out to better ourselves in whatever we are involved in.”

Troy Taule