Vice Minister for Sports

Vice Minister wants Chung to step aside

Raminai said this after learning of Chung’s resignation last Friday as president of the Oceania Football Confederation.

Chung cited personal reasons for his exit from the OFC’s top post, but his announcement came at the same time accusations of corruption were levelled against him.

He said that while Chung is required to be given the benefit of the natural course of justice, which is that he is innocent until proven guilty, the “bad publicity is not good for Papua New Guinea”.

Minister’s message to athletes, sports officials

The Vice Minister for Sports, National Events & APEC 2018, Wesley Raminai, says: “I would like to send my Christmas and New Year greetings to everybody involved with sports in PNG and the people of Kagua-Erave, who I represent as their elected Member of Parliament.”

Raminai said 2017 has been a very good year for sports in Papua New Guinea.

Raminai visits PNG Olympic Committee

The Vice Minister was met by PNG Olympic Committee President, Sir John Dawanincura and Secretary General, Auvita Rapilla.

He was taken on a tour of the office meeting senior management and staff of the organization.

Sir John welcomed the Vice Minister and thanked him for taking time to visit the home of Team PNG, also extending his thanks to the Prime Minister and Sports Minister, Peter O’Neill.