Ex-Sogeri High Alumni Gifts SCN

In the ongoing battle against infections within healthcare settings, the challenge of maintaining stringent infection prevention and control (IPC) measures is especially crucial when dealing with vulnerable patients like premature babies.

However, a recent gesture by former students of Sogeri National High School (1992-1993) has brought a glimmer of hope to the staff of the Special Care Nursery (SCN).

The ex-students presented a much-needed washing machine to the SCN, a vital addition to their arsenal in the fight against infections. Dr. Gamini Vali, the SCN Coordinator, expressed profound gratitude, emphasizing the timeliness of the donation.

The new washing machine ensures that linens used by young patients will undergo proper laundering, minimizing the risk of infections. Dr. Vali highlighted the significance of infection control, particularly in fragile infants, and underscored the importance of such contributions. The donation fills a crucial gap identified in the division's Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) this year.

Bill Moi Tau, Interim Team Leader of the ex-students, shed light on the group's altruistic endeavours. Motivated by the memory of a lost member and spurred by their shared commitment to community service, the alumni banded together once more to support the SCN.

Despite having dispersed after commemorating the school's 50th anniversary, the loss prompted a reunion and ignited discussions on ways to give back.

The efforts of the ex-students, spanning across the country and abroad, culminated in a small yet profoundly meaningful event for the babies and mothers relying on the SCN's care. Mr. Tau extended his gratitude to his fellow schoolmates from the 1992-1993 cohort, underscoring the collective impact of their generosity on the community.

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