Sogeri National High School

Ex-Sogeri High Alumni Gifts SCN

However, a recent gesture by former students of Sogeri National High School (1992-1993) has brought a glimmer of hope to the staff of the Special Care Nursery (SCN).

The ex-students presented a much-needed washing machine to the SCN, a vital addition to their arsenal in the fight against infections. Dr. Gamini Vali, the SCN Coordinator, expressed profound gratitude, emphasizing the timeliness of the donation.

Smart Start Campaign Activated

Located in the Sogeri Mountains of Central Province, the Sogeri National High is considered a School of Excellence, and was selected as an entry point for the Paradise Foods first stop for the Smart Start Back2School Promotion.

School Principal Teddy Feria said that this was the first time the school was visited by an FMCG company since his commencement at the school. He looks forward to forging a partnership between the school and Paradise Foods.

Sogeri national high ICT boost

The ICT resources provided to the school include the setup of 40 computers with software installation, wireless internet access and installation of a server and storage.

The support also includes the installation of a digital library commonly known as the E-Granary, which stores up to thirty-two million valuable learning and teaching resources. These can be used at the school to support teaching and learning across all subjects in the curriculum.