Chow appointed Chairman of PNG NRL

Franchise owner of the Lae Snax Tigers, Adrian Chow has been appointed the Chairman of the newly revamped PNG National Rugby League (PNG NRL) Competition.

Chow’s appointment was first on a number of announcements made today at a press conference this morning by Chairman of the PNG Rugby Football League (PNGRFL), Sandis Tsaka.

“Adrian is no stranger to rugby league through the Snax Tigers. Through his family and their company, they have supported rugby league from the grassroots to the elite level.

“With Adrian’s wealth of experience in the commercial sector and sports, I know he’ll do a great job in supporting the growth of rugby league in the country. We welcome you on board Adrian,” said Tsaka.

Tsaka went on to say the PNGRFL has been looking at ways to revamp the PNG NRL Competition (Digicel Cup) to take it to the next level.

“To modernise the competition and make it a more independent and credible, the PNGRFL made recommendations to the PNG NRL to restructure the competition.

“The PNG NRL has accepted the recommendations. This basically means that the PNGRFL will work with the current franchise owners and sponsors to set up a competition this year that is independent and credible going forward.

“It is an interim measure to salvage the season for 2017. While the competition is going this year, we will work with all our partners, sponsors, franchise owners and stakeholders to come up with the governance and management structures that are necessary to reform our national competition,” said Tsaka.

Tsaka added the PNGRFL has registered the PNG NRL Competition.

“The PNG NRL will comprise of an executive management committee headed by Adrian Chow as the Chairman, the sponsors’ representative which will be headed by Digicel PNG and the franchise representative, Andy Hetra.

“Under this committee, Standley Hondina is the competitions manager. The PNGRFL will provide all the background support that is needed in terms of referees, the judiciary, competition structure and manual- the mechanics that are needed to run the competition,” said Tsaka.

Chow said the new restructure of the PNG NRL Competition was exciting news for rugby league and that he was honoured to be appointed Chairman. 

Troy Taule