Stand United for earthquake disaster

Chairman of the PNG Rugby Football League, Sandis Tsaka informed all games organisers to set up ‘donation buckets’ at all venues and to observe a ‘minutes silence’ before each game to remember those who have lost their lives.

“The earthquake disaster has seriously devastated people and provinces where rugby league is passionately followed.

“We as a sport have to stand united with our people whose lives and homes have been affected.”


Paul Wani to ref international Test match

Chairman of the PNGRFL, Sandis Tsaka said Wani’s appointment to referee a Test match is a massive boost to the game development.

“This is a vote of confidence by the RLIF to the development of our game in PNG. It is a show of confidence in our standards and programs, especially the training and accreditation systems developed and established in partnership with the NRL and QRL over the past few years.

 “We have been investing in our referees and coaches over the past several years and the fruits of this investment are showing with Paul’s appointment.”

TV Wan Action to broadcast international double header

These two games will mark the official start to our PNG Rugby League season.

Our two champion teams – Digicel Cup premiers Lae Snax Tigers and Queensland Intrust Super Cup premiers SP PNG Hunters - begin their defence against quality opposition.

In a statement, PNGRFL CEO, Reatau Rau explained that both games are equal in status with the first game between the Tigers and Nadi Aviators not dubbed as a curtain raiser but the first of the international double header for the day.

PNGRFL AGM this month

Chairman of the PNGRFL, Sandis Tsaka said the agenda will include the 2017 PNGRFL Annual Reports and Audited Financials.

He said a general meeting will be held after the AGM to discuss other rugby league matters.

Tsaka reminded eligible delegates that travel to and from the AGM plus accommodation costs will be met by the PNGRFL and subsistence and other costs are the responsibility of the delegates and their respective leagues.

Funeral procession for Ottio deferred

In statement released this afternoon, the PNGRFL said: “Late Kato Ottio's final journey to Tatana did not proceed this afternoon as planned following some disgruntled relatives disputing his final resting place, among other things, at the gates of the funeral home.

“Kato's eldest brother, Henry Ottio, who flew in from America yesterday, spoke to the disgruntled persons but they stood firm and threatened to close the gate until their demands were properly addressed.

Trust fund to fulfil Ottio’s dream

Before officially handing over the body to Ottio’s family at the funeral service held today, Chairman of the PNGRFL, Sandis Tsaka, said the Kato Ottio Trust Fund was opened yesterday.

He said Ottio had always dreamt of building a house for his mother, Joyce, and the PNGRFL wanted to make this dream come true in honour of the late SP Hunters and PNG LNG Kumuls star.

Tsaka welcomed contributions from the general public who wish to assist by depositing money into the Trust Fund.

He said the account will be closed next Thursday, January 18, at 12pm.

PNGRFL: We will give him the respect he rightfully deserves

Ottio’s career was just taking off with the 23 year old due to leave England this Thursday along with Wellington Albert after signing with Super League club, Widnes Vikings.

Chairman of the PNGRFL, Sandis Tsaka said Kato’s death had come as shock to all, adding the PNGRFL had been with him all the way since he was hospitalized last Sunday up until late last night.

“We did everything we could to make sure he was well looked after. We were hoping for a full recovery but unfortunately he passed on.

Wan cleared by Australian court

Wan was detained by New South Wales police after the Pacific Test back in May of this year to answer to a Sydney courthouse over allegations of sexual assault.

“After seven months in Australia, his trial was finally held in November and a week ago, the court acquitted him and found him not guilty of the allegations of sexual assault.

“This is very great outcome for rugby league. The PNGRFL stood behind Henry from the start until the end of the case and with the support of the NRL, we are able to make this announcement now.

PNGRFL: 2017 Digicel Cup comp a success so far

Rau made this statement at a joint press conference between the PNG NRLC and the PNGRFL on Thursday.

Rau said the 2017 Digicel Cup competition has been successful so far this season.

“The Digicel Cup is the most important domestic competition we have. I thank the PNG NRLC for successfully running this competition this year under the new structure.

He said the PNG NRLC choosing to have the finals separate from the Intrust Super Cup made a lot of sense.

Hunters to host semi-final

PNGRFL CEO, Reatau Rau, said this confirmation was received yesterday after the Hunters claimed the minor premiership following their 28-22 win over Wynnum Manly Seagulls on the weekend.  

“QRL Competitions Manager, Dave Maiden, in an email advised that the week 2 semi-final will definitely be held in Port Moresby,” said Rau.

“The SP Hunters opponents could be either be the Redcliffe Dolphins or Easts Tigers. This will be determined after the final round this weekend.”