The Border Storm rugby league club of Moresby South electorate have been given the ok to represent NCD in the Coca Cola Ipatas Cup Eastern End finals.

While NCD and Central province did not take part in the 2021 CCI Competition due to COVID-19, Competition Manager Sam Koim said Storm actually got in by default after meeting a certain term and condition.

This year’s Coca Cola Ipatas Cup Challenge has been concentrated only in the Western End and Eastern End due to COVID-19.

The announcement of Storm representing NCD in the Eastern End finals in Lae next weekend, is welcome news.


Representing the Border Storm club are husband and wife, team manager Tony Wani, and patron Mama Rita.

Driven by their passion for rugby league and in particular their love for the Border Storm club, Tony and Mama Rita expressed their gratitude and thankyou to Sam Koim and the CCIC for allowing the their club in the represent NCD in Lae.


The Border Storm have been one of the strong contenders in the CCIC and as the NCD Governors Cup and looking forward to maintaining their form in this year competition.

Meantime, the Coca Cola Ipatas Cup is now going through its elimination process starting with the Western End finals this Friday 12th February, followed by the Eastern End finals the following Friday.

Western End finals will be played at the Kimil rugby League oval in a do-or-die situation, while the Eastern End finals will be staged at the Lae rugby league oval.

The 4 respective teams from the each venue will advance to the Cup finals in two weeks’ time.

The Coca Cola Ipatas Cup grand final will be played at the Lae rugby league oval.

Terry Longbut