Ball turnover a problem for both teams

It didn’t come easy, but a winning start was what the SP Hunters needed to kick-start their title defense in 2018.

Three tries put the Hunters in charge at half-time with a 16-6 lead.

But the tide turned and the home side spent the better part of the second half defending their line

“We didn’t have the football in the second half. We gave away too many balls there so that’s something to work on,” said coach Michael Marum.

Ipswich Jets coach, Shane Walker, put his side’s loss down to the same factor.

“Yeah like Michael said about his own team, we turned over quite a bit of ball. There were a lot of turnovers.

“But there was a lot to like about the fact that we hung in there given the amount of ball we kept turning over. So there were some positives.”

Walker’s son, Jake, also had something to say about yesterday’s game.

“PNG Hunters played very well and I like your stadium.”



Troy Taule