Workers call for political voice in Parliament

The Coalition of Workers Unions (COWU) has called for a political voice of workers in Parliament.

They say for too long, the concerns of all workers in PNG have continuously been suppressed both by the government, Government agencies, employer organisations and major developers in PNG.

COWU is made up of over 10 Unions throughout the country from different sectors including maritime, communications, energy, police, correctional services, teachers, nurses and airlines.

On behalf of the Unions, PNGCWU president Nuq Mamtirin said it is strange to see and experience the hardships that all citizen workers are facing including health insurance and housing.

Mamtirin said the answer to the plight of all workers must be heard and accommodated by the government that is mandated for the people.

“For far too long, our workers in PNG, whenever they stage a peaceful protest to raise their concerns towards improving their working and living standards, are often suppressed by government using heavy tactics.

“These include using employer organisations to suppress workers’ rights, or through its agencies such as the labour department.

“We have had enough of this heavy government tactics deployed to suppress, silence and marginalize the citizens of PNG,” Mamtirin said.

He said that now is the time for better tomorrow, a society that is to be fair in sharing equally all the natural resources PNG can give to all its citizens.

Quintina Naime