This week in court- review

This week saw the first election petition that was filed disputing an election win, given a trial date after all the pre-trial arrangements were met.

The petition that was filed challenging Member for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko’s win has been listed to go for trial.

This is the first election petition, out of the 77 that were initially filed, to have its trial date set in the Court of Disputed Returns.

Filed by Samson Kirilyo, the trial will be heard at Waigani National Court buildings from November 20-24.

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Dates for more petitions will be set for trial in coming weeks.

To the Leadership Tribunal court, the reference outlining the list of allegations leveled against Vanimo MP, Belden Namah, was presented to the Leadership Tribunal this week, signifying the commencement of the hearing.

The presentation of the reference now means that the leader is suspended pending the outcome of the inquiry.

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And to the Committal court, Investigation files compiled by the Crimes Investigation Detectives have been completed and will be served on an Engan man, who was arrested in Port Moresby for double voting during polling.

The case against the 25-year-old, from Tsak valley, has been before the Committal Court for the past three months, following his arrest on June 30.

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Sally Pokiton