Waigani market closed

The Waigani main market was closed on June 5th, following an issue related to poor sewerage from the market toilets.

The Market management have decided to close the market upon recommendation from the NCD health authority. The market is expected to be closed for six months, while undergoing maintenance to the toilets. 

Spokesperson representing the market vendors, Pastor Emanuel Luke, understands the role of the market management but stated that many livelihoods will be affected given the short notice of the market closure.  

Pastor Emmanuel stated: “Because this market is where many people do their vegetable sales to support their family.  Some vendors have been selling here for more than 10 years and this is their money making venue, closing the market will definitely affect them.”

He said the vendors were given short notice and were not prepared. Some vendors may have heard about this but others were caught by surprise when they arrived this morning at the market. 
With no option, the vendors are selling their food along the road side just outside the closed market. 

Meantime, the NCDC have been urged to secure an alternate market venue, while waiting for maintenance work to be completed. 

Loop Author