VC manual checks will continue: Security

The manual security checks at stores during festive periods can be frustrating for customers.

It’s no different, or even worse, for those trying to do Christmas shopping at bigger shops like the Vision City megamall.

Customers have complained on the congested traffic flow into the mall as a direct result of these checks, manually scanning three people at a time.

Some have called on the management for alternative options to ease the flow of traffic, especially during this peak period.

But the mall’s security will not ease off for the wellbeing of their customers, according to the security manager, Sevanaia Koroi.

Koroi says the mall management has noticed an increase in the number of weapons brought into the mall, which were confiscated at the entrance.

While some have these for personal protection, Koroi says many opportunists may take advantage of the bigger crowd.

“We cannot compromise the safety of our customers and tenants by easing off on the checks.

“As it is the festive season, we have had hundreds of customers flocking into the mall in the past few days and we expect more to come in the lead up to Christmas.

“We will also have opportunists who always try and take advantage of the general public so these checks not only ensure the mall is a safe environment to shop in, but also act as an additional deterrent to the bad elements of society.

“At the end of the day, these procedures were put in place for the wellbeing of the customers themselves,” Koroi said.