Unabated sexual crimes in NCD: Police

Sexual crimes remain unabated in the nation’s capital.

For last week alone, eight incidents were reported to the NCD metropolitan superintendent’s office.

During today’s weekly police briefing, Commander Perou N’Dranou said they received 3 reports of sexual penetration, 3 of child rape and 2 of sexual assault.

Other reports that came in from May 20th-26th include:

  • 6 reports of stolen motor vehicles
  • Fraud (6)
  • Break-and-enter (1)
  • Armed robbery (2)

“Basically, the crime rate has been steady,” said the met supt.

“In the previous week 8 reports of stolen motor vehicles were received, where 5 of them were recovered.

“In sexual crimes, 8 reports were received the previous week, so it is generally the same as last week.”

Carmella Gware