Statistical office looks at data revolution

Embracing the APEC 2018 Theme: “Harnessing Inclusive Opportunities, Embracing the Digital Future”, the National Statistical Office is strengthening its legislation to apply the concept of ‘data revolution’.

While manual survey is the tried and true method of collecting data, technology and digital means are rapidly taking over.

Technologies such as biometrics, remote sensors and barcoding all boil down to data revolution and NSO is working towards tapping into this.

“In NSO, in our legislation, we need to insert something to talk about transfer of data from business to us. We are doing it but not effectively and consistently,” emphasized national statistician, Roko Koloma.

In this regard, NSO plans to develop a digital system where prices of goods are automatically recorded after being scanned.

However, the greatest challenge in making this a reality is the large informal economic sector and the lack of financial products usage.

“That is the challenge but we are working on it,” statistician Koloma stated.

Koloma added that data revolution may take a further 2 years or more to take shape and while that is work in progress, NSO will review all these reformations and present a report to the government.

(Roko Koloma - National Statistician)

Carolyn Ure