Stations of the Cross come to an end in the Capital

The journey for Stations of the Cross finally comes to an end at the Mary Queen of Pacific church in Waigani.

Despite the extreme heat of the sun, parishioners reenacted the passion and suffering of Christ as the crowd looked on to witness the scene played by the youths.

Sir John Cardinal Ribat made an entrance to bless the Cross before it was to be brought into the church.

The congregation came in numbers escorted by traffic police to the final station which was taken up the parishioners of Mary Queen of Pacific.

This is the first time the Station of the Cross has taken a route up the Poreporena Freeway with a crowd numbering up to more than a thousand at one time.

The veneration of the Cross is bound to take place at 3pm this afternoon.

This is known to be the ‘Hour of the Lord’ and believed to be the time that Jesus died on the Cross.

A vigil mass is expected to be celebrated tomorrow to commemorate Jesus rising from the dead.

Annette Kora