Stakeholder consultation on 2003 ICH convention

The National Cultural Commission in collaboration with the Papua New Guinea National Commission for UNESCO hosted the inaugural stakeholder consultation meeting at the Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby.

The event marked a significant step in the periodic reporting on the implementation of the 2003 Convention on Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).

Executive Director of NCC Steven Kilanda opened the workshop, expressing gratitude to the stakeholders for their participation and feedback on their efforts related to the 2003 ICH Convention. 

He emphasized the importance of cultural heritage, noting its role in various aspects of society, including environmental impact, community resilience, customary laws, tourism, art education, and sustainable practices. 

Kilanda highlighted that culture serves as a connective web through traditional knowledge and language, underscoring the necessity of preserving and safeguarding cultural heritage.

"Organizing conventions like this ensures transparency, accountability, and the continuity of funding from international development partners in safeguarding PNG’s Intangible Cultural Heritage."

Andrew Boli, representing the Secretary-General of the National Commission for PNG UNESCO, reiterated the value of PNG’s linguistic and cultural diversity. 

He urged Papua New Guineans to take pride in their rich cultural heritage, which drives creativity and sustainable development.

The workshop provided a platform for stakeholders to discuss and contribute to the successful implementation of the 2003 Convention, ensuring the preservation of Papua New Guinea's intangible cultural heritage for future generations.

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