Search still on for missing constable

The search is still on for the missing police constable who was carried away by flood waters on Monday night in Tapo, Madang Province.

The constable was with two other officers, including the late sergeant Willie Marita, in the FOX 01 (zero-one) LandCruiser when they were caught in the overflowing flood waters at the Tapo Fjord crossing around 7 that evening.

The missing constable and another officer had both accompanied their senior ranked officer to Negeri in Tapo to attend to a reported hold up.

The Fox 01 vehicle was caught in the overflowing river caused by the heavy downpour on Monday night.

Police reports stated that another police vehicle following closely behind escaped the misfortune by stopping just before the crossing.

According to a source, the three officers were carried off by a strong current at the Tapo Fjord crossing; only one of the other constable was rescued a couple of hours after they were swept away.

Sergeant Willie Marita’s body was found by a search party consisting of locals and police personnel yesterday afternoon around 3.

Police in Madang are still grieving the loss of the senior sergeant who was the head of the task force in the province, with hopes still alive that the missing constable is safe somewhere.

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Imelda Wavik