Schools without TFF to report to provincial coordinators

Schools in the country that are yet to receive their Tuition Free Fee (TFF) subsidy are urged to report to the provincial coordinators.

The Secretary for Education, Dr Uke Kombra, clarified that there are TFF coordinators now in the provinces who deal directly with the issue.

Kombra said the coordinators were appointed this year to be the first point of contact for schools that have not received their TFF subsidy. The coordinators then communicate directly with the TFF team at Waigani to look into the problem.

“Any schools out there that are yet to receive their TFF must go immediately to see the coordinators in the province so we can then have a formal report to us.

“We deal with close to 10,600 schools for TFF payment and there are four basic requirements for schools to receive TFF subsidy.”

The requirements are: The school must have teachers, it must be registered with a school code, it should have students enrolled and lastly, it must have an active bank account.

“When we deposit funds for a school that doesn’t have an active bank account, the bank rejects that deposit and it comes back into the system,” Kombra explained.

Meantime, schools are urged to submit their TFF subsidy acquittals for 2016.

The Government has made its full commitment of K602m budgeted for TFF this year with the last payment of K113m made a week ago.

Quintina Naime