Rumet: New school facility timely

The Government’s Free Education policy has allowed for an abrupt influx in the enrolment of students in all education levels across the country, says Rabaul MP Graham Piniau Rumet.

He said the high enrolment has placed a lot of strain on schools to make spaces available to take in extra students; and schools are struggling with infrastructure to cater for these influx.

MP Rumet highlighted this when witnessing the opening of a new classroom and launching of the 1-6-6 Primary Education Stricture in Volavolo Primary School, Balanataman LLG in Rabaul yesterday.

“The opening of this new 4 in 1 classroom is timely to the national government’s policy on Free Education, the Launching of the 1-6-6 Primary Education Structure and the commissioning of the new school uniform.

“I applaud the parents, school administration and Board of Management of Volavolo Primary School for planning ahead to cater for such situations,” the MP said. 

The educational curriculum is on the transition stage of adapting back the Standard Base Curriculum (SBC) and also adopting the 1-6-6 structure again.

Rument said, “The National Government is very supportive of the education of our children and has committed K632 million to subsidize school fees for 2023, whilst another K160 million goes to project fees for students in elementary to Grade 12.”

“We do not need to pay any fees, but make sure our children go to school, have enough healthy food to eat and are well looked after and disciplined,” the MP said.

MP Rumet said the new building is a blessing to this school, community, LLG and district and the school must take pride and ownership in it, for long-lasting.

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